Seminars and Courses

Millington Financial Advisors delivers courses and seminars designed to provide individuals with information on understanding financial basics, how to prepare for a comfortable retirement and how to invest during uncertain times. Details regarding past courses and seminars are listed below. Please contact us to find out about current and future offerings.

Past Courses

“Understanding Your Money”


  • The Financial Basics
  • Design and Implement a Financial Plan
  • How to Invest to Achieve Financial Goals
  • Estate and Tax Planning

“Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement”


  • Sources of Retirement Income
  • Investment Basics
  • Risk Management
  • Social Security and Medicare
  • Estate and Tax Planning


Past Seminars

“Understanding Social Security and Medicare Rules”


  • Determine When to Collect
  • Survivor and Disability Benefits Explained
  • Taxation of Benefits
  • What Medicare and Supplemental Insurance Covers

“Investing During Uncertain Times”


  • Use of Alternatives
  • Benefits of Tactical Management
  • Utilizing Tax Advantaged Accounts to Maximize Growth