Financial Planning

You have accumulated significant resources, you have a wide variety of options available, and the choices you make can significantly affect your lifestyle and the legacy you leave behind. Millington Financial Advisors has the experience, expertise and tools necessary to implement a holistic plan to efficiently and effectively leverage your resources to achieve your goals. 


Retirement Planning: no longer earning a salary can be an uncomfortable feeling. During retirement you have to depend on social security, pensions and investments to satisfy your living expenses. We identify the options you have, and then implement and monitor a plan to give you peace of mind. 

  • We define your needs, take the time to understand your resources and manage your investments to deliver a retirement plan you can feel comfortabe with.
  • We have the expertise and compassion to properly plan, implement and adjust to your needs as they change over time. 

Tax Planning and Preparation: as part of our high net worth investment management services we offer tax preparation services.

  • In addition to being Certified Financial Planners™ we are Certified Public Accountants, giving us the unique perspective of understanding what's appropriate from a tax perspective, but also from a lifelong goals and investment management perspective.
  • We do more than tally up the score of what happened, we actively work with our clients to identify the flexible points driving tax expenses and implement strategies to reduce tax burdens.

Estate and Insurance Planning: estate planning is not just about avoiding estate taxes, it's about laying out a plan to clearly and efficiently carry out your wishes. Leaving clear instructions reduces the possibility that your loved ones will endure additional stress in order to settle your affairs.

  • We help establish boundaries on who and how quickly your legacy assets can be accessed.
  • If you are charitably inclined, we have techniques to take tax deductions during your lifetime based on a commitment to an asset transfer after your death.
  • We deliver life insurance plans to provide your estate liquidity and to replace wealth designated for charity.