MFA Core and Explore

Our Core and Explore portfolios are personalized for each client. Appropriate allocations to Stocks and Bonds, Equities and Fixed Income, are determined after our advisors put together personal financials with a clear understanding of short-term, intermediate and long-term needs. We use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to gain access to broad asset classes, sub-sectors, and geographical regions. The ETFs provide efficient exposure to the market and we continuously monitor economic indicators to ensure appropriate adjustments are made.            


Allocations as of 3-9-2020


Our Core and Explore Portfolios are Built with You in Mind...

  • Designed to efficiently capture enhanced market returns
  • Core Equity and Fixed Income allocations are personalized with each client's specific needs in mind
  • Explore positions have the goal of seeking outsized returns through an allocation to a limited number of sectors or regions
  • Tactical weights are adjusted and rebalance on a disciplined schedule, with enough flexibility to adjust when outsized shifts in economic and market conditions occur

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MFA Core and Explore Portfolio